Kid Cudi- Erase Me

Scott Mescudi, better known in the music world by his hip-hop moniker, Kid Cudi, is slowly but surely evolving into what most critics love to point out as the “over-glorified rock artist.” Cudi, who unleashed a slew of singles last year, which left many scratching their heads, such as the possibly ill-timed “REFOFEV” and a prepubescent “Wylin’ Cause I’m Young.” Coupled with all the journalist panning, Cudi decided to launch a tirade in the form of interviews and subliminal jabs against some of his previously close comrades, such as the D.C. based rapper Wale, who indulges in the thrill of creating mixtapes about nothing. Cudi attempted to cool off these fires in the eyes of his loyal hip hop heads by stating that he was going to leave the rap world all together soon and start up a new career as a rock artist, or something in that experimental range. And last but not least, although we are trying desperately to sweep it under the rug in true George W. Bush fashion, let’s not forget about the rapper’s run in with the law last year.

The one thing that truly baffles me about Cudi, an artist whom I greatly admire in light of the drug situation, is that he is electing to pursue a realm completely outside of hip hop, even though many fans recognize that music seems to transcend the stereotypical gates that rappers are often forced to adhere to. But personally, through the whole maelstrom of negative publicity the Cleveland native received around this time, I remained a fan, and am here to discuss one of Cudi’s first official single off his album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.” Although Cudi brought on his label mate Kanye West for the ride on this one, and despite a, in my opinion, very catchy tune, this single seemed to completely fly under the radar in its initial stages (fortunately it rebounded because of youtube), even though the album, like his previous effort, did achieve a whopping sales record considering Cudi is an experimental rap artist who often times likes to delve into more “emo” topics than the average hip hop head is accustomed to.

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