Charlotte Gainsbourg- IRM

In the Sixties and Seventies, Serge Gainsbourg added his fair share of fuel, en masse I should say, to the general controversy fires of the era by releasing a slew of recordings dealing with many taboo subjects that remain so even to this day. Later on in the Eighties, for one of his most controversial songs, he brought along his daughter for the Lolita-esque ride, an adolescent Charlotte, for a song mischievously entitled “Lemon Incest.” Although the single/video was criticized left and right by everyone all over the world, the family was able to rebound and persevere in their immensely talented ways, although they are sometimes criminally overlooked in the States.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is most famously known in the States as a superb actress with a tantalizingly smooth voice, also managed to release, in the eyes of her American listeners, one of the most stunning records of 2010, the album IRM. Although her singles did not reach the top of the charts, owing to an almost impossible task for good musicians these days, songs such as “Heaven Can Wait” and “Time of the Assassins” were just an iota shy of being a force to be reckoned with on college radio stations. Had the college kids knew that brilliant musician wizard, Beck, wrote all the songs on the album except one, they could have possibly been more apt to listen. But this is in all likelyhood no great calamity for Charlotte, who in her actress and well as singing career (speaking of the States) is not used to receiving widespread publicity for her work, although she is commonly regarded around the world as a true talent in the raw, traditional sense of the word.

Back to the review, and here is where I should give my odelays (whatever that means) or congratulations to Beck for always knowing how to put an awesome song together, production wise and well as lyrics that seem to stay with you all day and beat on your subconscious all the while, but even Beck must have realized that these songs he was penning were way to good to let fall to the wayside, and he possibly realized in the process that his cool vocals were no match for Gainsbourg’s singing, which is enough to lull all the wild beasts of the world into complete and utter dormancy, maybe even submission.

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