The Case For A Few Wannabe Runaways

First off, I have admit, someone else really should be writing this article. Although I am proud of the few accomplishments I have achieved in my life, I was never able to conquer the, in my mind, impossible feat of sitting through and watching all of the Twilight movies, so an article with Kristen Stewart acting as the main focus is a bit of a stretch for me, but it’s my blog, so fuck it.

In my time, I have seen many actresses come and go, but I have never seen opinion so divided on one person as that of Kristen Stewart. For every person praising her as the new-coming female version of James Dean, there is one person to loudly and proudly state that they simply cannot stand the girl. Before watching The Runaways movie, I stood somewhere in the middle, having known little to nothing of her work. I, as a poor black man struggling in America, could not accumulate enough funds to go watch Adventureland when it first came out, and, although many years have passed since that time, (and I need not tell you that there exist in our society ample opportunities to watch a movie that you did not get a chance to view at theaters) I have simply failed.

But after watching The Runaways, starring Stewart as reigning queen of rock’n’roll, Joan Jett, and Dakota Fanning, an actress who for a young star has spanned a wide majority of roles, who plays Cherie Currie in the film. Before watching the movie, I had unfortunately in my mind panned Stewart as teeny-bopper actress with no skill whatsoever, aside from a pretty face, but I was wrong. In the film, Stewart captures the essence of Joan Jett, who was a pioneer in the diva rock n roll business for her gritty nature and overall kick-ass attitude. Fanning also excels in her craft in the form of Currie, capturing a sweet and innocent child who rises to the role of stardom it seems almost overnight.

Although the film has been criticized by some, including actual members themselves, for taking too much of a poetic license with factual details and making up entire fabrications altogether, most critics have taken positive outlooks to the film’s wonders, praising it as a true testament of the young female actresses’ talents, and a unflinching testament to the struggles many women had to face in the early stages of the punk rock music business. While I am nearing the close of this post, I still have not made time to watch any of the Twilight movies, but after extensive research in the form of watching youtube interviews and reading various Wikipedia entries, I have collected enough data to talk to any teenager about Stewart and Fanning for at least fifteen minutes, which in my book, is a huge accomplishment. I would really recommend this film to anyone, as it caused me to have a deeper understanding The Runaways and Joan Jett’s music in general, and now I can proudly state that I am forever a fan.


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