With a lot of free time yesterday, I decided to catch up on my reality television. It would be to my credit or misfortune to now reveal that I have been an obsessive MTV-watcher for several centuries it seems, or rather, from the minute the Space Jam movie and like paraphernalia went out of style. Although The Real World introduced me to reality tv and its wonders, it has sort of lost some of its appeal in face of a new tv show, The Jersey Shore.

Just to let you know, I took all precautions not to be sucked in by Jersey Shore hype. In the show’s early stages, I avoided all such themed parties, abstained from all conversations involving Snooki, and carried the strength in my limbs to walk away from the television set whenever the show came on. However, that was a different day and time, and like most of you, I quickly became addicted to the show. Fortunately for me, I was not alone, as the aforementioned hype seemed to immediately escalate once I became interested in it (I seriously doubt that my viewing alone caused this). Now, the internet has quickly become a meeting ground for all things Jersey Shore, and the old tasks I used to perform on there seem rather out of date.

But back to the task at hand. I have to admit, while watching the first episode of Season 3, a couple of things stood out to me, mostly in the form of the after-episode preview. Not Snooki’s arrest, which is common news to everyone in the world by now, nor a new girl named Deena at the house, as we all expected it after Angelina’s second departure. What really toyed with my mind, or excited it rather, was the preview of the fights to come in Season 3. I really cannot put my finger on it, but there is something mystifying about a bunch of pseudo celebrities living in a house, getting paid thousands of dollars, only to get drunk, schedule late night/early morning hook up appointments, and fight fight fight.

From the preview, it seems as though the gang we have all come to know and love as our new television family (reminiscent of The Simpsons) had a difficult time living together amid the fame they have come to know outside of television. It seems like the cast, who once prided themselves on brotherhood and sisterhood, have been torn apart in the face of a new lifestyle, where they are not merely a group of strangers-picked-to-live-in-a-house-and-blah-blah-blah, but television icons now in the eyes of our ever growing, one of a kind generation.

But to summarize in a very sloppy, ass backwards manner, I cannot wait for the new season to really heat up. After the first episode, and promising myself that one of my many new years resolutions would be not to tune in if the same people were back, my attention was immediately grabbed, and I came to realize that my diseased obsession with reality television is no where near the road to recovery. Until the day when I can turn on the television, and not flick to MTV to hear about things and topics I am probably too old at this point in my life to be discussing, it is GTL for life bitches.


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