Cults- Most Wanted

Before you try and use the mystical powers of the internet to discover more information about the following band, I must advise you that “Cults” has an almost impossible name to Google. The name has garnered them much criticism from new fans and journalists alike, who are in desperate need to find more about the New York film scholars from San Diego who just happened to form a band one day.

Madeleine Nestor and company, with proud and noble nods from and other established indie imprints, have decided to persist in their musical adventures, electing to post new music to their self-titled “band camp” site instead of Myspace, making the joy of actually finding their music a pleasure in many regards.

Although a few of their singles, such as “Go Outside” and “Oh My God” have received their fair share of indie praise and recognition, even from Adult Swim, another single, “Most Wanted,” which in my honest opinion is just as good if not better than the aforementioned tunes, is what I am here to discuss.

The song opens in much the same vein as “Go Outside,” with snippets of speeches from former cult leaders, inter-fused with the angelic vocal steering of Follin, who is able to capture the overall angst and feelings of young adults, primarily college students, in the throes of huge decisions that will shape the rest of their lives.

The lyrics play as a secretarial advisory board, where Follin plays president. In the midst of warnings and influences, in one case from her mother, Follin’s answer is that she knows that bad moons are potentially rising, but it is her final decision in all of these self-imposed questions is to maintain her stance of venturing into the obscene, and never live her life as a fucking fortunate daughter. While maintaining her innocence, she broaches very adult themes, such as abandonment, growing up, and leaving one’s family to pursue one’s dreams, however dangerous they might be. Cults is a band to look out for in 2011, especially with their debut album on the way.


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