Harlem- Someday Soon

2010 marked a tough year for the female sex, and by that, I mean it in the traditional sense of the world, not to be fucked with.

Exhibit A) Taylor Swift, after America’s new sweetheart suffered the ills of an untimely interruption at the VMAs in 2009, she retaliated by launching a crusade against all the lovers who have reportedly spurned her. But for once, this conversation is not about Taylor Swift.

With the coming new divas left and right, their male counterparts have been on the ropes so to speak, releasing a bunch of songs this year to cool the fire that granted, these males may have started in the first place.

However, one of the bands I am looking forward to hearing more from in 2011 is a band called Harlem, who recently released their album “Hippies.” On that album, a bunch of good ole fashioned pompous and arrogant songs can be found that can give the men some hope, but no other song is more gut-wrenching in its delivery than the song, “Someday Soon.”

Lyrics wise, absent are the words of love and admiration usually found in songs about relationship, but the song mirrors some of the legendary artists such as Keith Richard’s beautiful penmanship in relationship retaliation songs such as “Under My Thumb.”

The main message is clear, in almost hauntingly Slim Shady fashion, that girl, even if you were on fire, I would not dare put you out, even going so far as to point out the faults in the girl’s current or future lovers. Obviously, when one listens to the song, there is much to be desired in the story-telling department, as us humans are apt to thirst for the knowledge of a couple’s person details. But what makes the song so immaculate is that it strays from such indulgence, electing to present the aftermath of the entire thing in a few stuck-up terms.

I chalk this one up to a whole year of men being on the losing side of the love battle, and finally unleashing their furious sentiments in a playful, lighthearted, but oftentimes extremely personal song. It is amazing to note how the band captures all of these feelings in a short tune by changing vocal inflections as the song progresses and the instrumental becomes stronger in the ears.


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